Where is My Period?

I would like to share with you a poem “Where is My Period?” by Oni The Haitian Sensation. It’s timely considering women are being treated like morons unable to make their own decisions about unwanted pregnancy. Miss Tough Love has many lessons to teach a woman who missed her period: “depression, unilateral matriarchy, rejection, alienation, endless ridicule, nocturnal hunger, homelessness, hopelessness, nausea, fear, hope, and insecurity.” (Oni).

Where is My Period:

Miss Tough Love runs the school of life:
I failed her essay.
At the end of my sentence, I forgot my period.
My semi-colon was back spaced in my asterisk.
It got deleted, vid liquid paper, to prevent
Mistakes from happening.
My diction was legible.
My font was bold and was italicized.
I have read my script so many times:
It was double spaced with cursive lines.
I read it over,
And over,
And over,
And over!
I submitted
My essay
Having it proofread
The first sentence is the hardest to take:
Missing your period is the icing on the cake.
My first sentence was the following:
“I am woman enough”.
I forgot to put my period after that word ‘enough’.
Proper punctuation -
Births liberation.
I failed the essay -
Due to my improper parler.
The school of life is tough
My professor,
Miss Tough Love, was rough.
She introduced me
To hard times, repudiation, solitude,
Depression, unilateral matriarchy,
Rejection, alienation,
Endless ridicule, nocturnal hunger, homelessness, hopelessness,
Fear, hope, and insecurity -
Just because I forgot to type my period after typing the word ‘enough.
When you cannot think for yourself, others will think for you!
In Miss Tough Love’s class,
I was class clown, so many peers kicked my ass.
Instead of feeling sorry for myself,
I was left all alone: Bell cut off my phone -
All I had was my poems.
No man would be my saviour:
I decided to work harder.
In Miss Tough Love’s class,
Learning to be responsible is such a pain in the ass.
I had to work my butt off to survive:
At this point, I would do anything to stay alive.
I was a student, a janitor, and a secretary.
I brought apples to Miss Tough Love’s desk.
My life was out of the ordinary
In order
To get on Miss Tough Love’s good side,
In order to survive.
One day, Miss Tough Love smiled.
She called me a good child.
I asked Miss Tough Love
If I could rewrite her essay.
Surprisingly, she obliged.
My new script started like this:
“I am a woman enough to admit my mistakes.’
My final punctuation was the icing on the cake.
No more drama with commas or catastrophes with apostrophes!
My syllables were legible and not gullible.
Life put me on her honour roll.
Miss Tough Love held me in her arms.
It was nice to experience her charm.
My consciousness was karma.
I felt incredible, sassy, important, worthy of life, accepted, loved,
for myself -
Sheltered, satisfied, confident, and respectful of myself.
When you write your script
In Miss Tough Love’s class,
Make sure
To have it proofread
Before you submit it to her
If your forget to type your period
After the word, ‘enough’,
While writing your essay,
You might wind up sorry -
Or dead.

Published by Marianna Maliszewska

“I cannot live without love. Love is at the root of my being.”― Anaïs Nin.

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