Do We Celebrate Women On March 8th?

March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD) and it has been etched into my early memory since I was a child growing up in Poland. I recall as the young girl I once was, on that particular day, women were receiving flowers from men in their lives. Fathers, brothers, husbands and male friends were showeringContinue reading “Do We Celebrate Women On March 8th?”

A Portrait Of A Woman

Today is March 8th and International Women’s Day. I would like to wish all women happiness and prosperity. I am sharing my favourite poem by Wislawa Szymborska. Although, there are few variations of poem’s translation, this one is my favourite. It is full of contradictions, because it’s impossible to paint woman in one colour, orContinue reading “A Portrait Of A Woman”

The Day of Old Folks

Unlike other prejudices such as racism and sexism (…) ageism is unique in targeting our future selves Caroline Baum, The Guardian Do you remember a famous “Little Prince” story by Saint Exupery, and writer’s dedication of the book to all grown-ups who were once children – although few of them remember. Similarly to this author,Continue reading “The Day of Old Folks”

Deception – Lost Soul

Where is your soul?Look into my eyes,Do you remember?You and me, We used to talkAbout Man in the Mirror?I am your mirror.Have you seen your soul?Do you remember?We were at the beach,Held our hands,Walked by the sea.Everything was all right The sun shined high in the blue skyAnd now, everything turned blackBut the stars glitterContinue reading “Deception – Lost Soul”

Childhood Memories And How They Shaped Me.

I am sure you have heard about ageism. It is how we view other people by stereotyping them and discriminating certain groups based on their age. I know I am guilty of doing this myself, since the earliest time I remember. I think I was about five or six years old when I started developingContinue reading “Childhood Memories And How They Shaped Me.”

The Diary Of The Wheel Of Fortune — Starry Night Tarot By Marianna

Welcome to my Starry Night Tarot blog. This is my first entry blog and I decided to begin with the energy of The Wheel of Fortune. I am learning tarot and thought it would be great way to learn the meaning behind each card, and also share my insights with others. I will be reflecting […]Continue reading “The Diary Of The Wheel Of Fortune — Starry Night Tarot By Marianna”

From The Diary Of The High Priestess

From The Diary Of The High Priestess — Read on Please, visit my new blog on Starry Night Tarot by Marianna. It talks about High Priestess and importance to listen to our intuition.

Honouring The Departed

November 1st is All Saints’ Day, followed by All Souls’ Day the day after. These are Christian traditions, and in many countries, including Belgium, Bolivia, Haiti and Mexico, these are statutory holidays. In Canada and the United States, All Souls’ Day is not a nationwide holiday, but is observed by some Christian churches. Whenever IContinue reading “Honouring The Departed”

Love Is Forever.

If It’s Not Forever it’s Not Love Durjoy Datta & Nikita Singh It has really started with the photo and a quote of Leo Tolstoy, which I saw the other day on social media, that made me think about the subject of love. It drew my attention, it was reminding me that when we loveContinue reading “Love Is Forever.”

Truth And Reconciliation

As I am beginning to write this blog, it is still September 30th, 2021 in the evening and it is the day Canada marks first Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This year was especially difficult for Indigenous People of Canada. Since May, more that 1,308 suspected graves have been uncovered near the sites of formerContinue reading “Truth And Reconciliation”